As just one individual, it often seems that our actions are inconsequential in the larger scheme of things. But what if we are enough? Not later, but right now.

Peace and love begin within. Once we have enough love inside, we’ll be able to give it out freely. When love is ruling inside, our minds become clearer and our imagination is freed up. We act from this place of love, our actions have positive effects that ripple out from us in every interaction.

We seek to bring together as many peace-loving individuals as possible to share sacred space, uplift each other, and figure out actions that we can take daily to contribute to the healing of our selves, the planet and her peoples.

Wanna join us? We can all gather virtually too! Sign up to receive updates on how things are going here. Join in the conversation on Facebook. Start a group in your community. Let’s be the change…NOW!


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